Donations & Charity by 360 Partnership 

     We as a whole "360PP and our Contributors, investors, and partners within the retail an product manufacturer industry has collaborated to provide assistance and aid to those who we can. As a small business providing for the community product availability. We have to take what we are abled to help those in dire need and cannot afford that necessity that can aid and maybe even prevent certain situations. So we provided a outlet bonding with certain verified and Loyal charity groups, down to our hosted food drive which is first to be established. 

We being a voice not only individually but more together can do more for the unfortunate because somethings are by our hand but others are predestined but no matter the perception of that persons appearance given. It is about do your part to maybe make that difference.

   *To donate click the link below. Your name or preferred alias and charity selection will be posted to our Reconigtion blog acknowledging  your contributon. Anything helps when it's come to making something out of nothing. Thank you for our consideration and even more your time.

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